KOBO Seattle | since 1995

This month's featured collection is work by two artists -- sisters Lisa and Jesianne Asagi. Ceramic whales and writing from Lisa, and assemblages/collages from Jesi.

From Lisa: Cetaceans are great conversationalists and sculpting with whales always feels like a kind of conversation. It feels like a listening and articulating  that occurs between hands, clay, water, cetaceans, and all that I am learning about them.  The pod in this show are of porcelain or black stoneware, high-fired without glaze. 

Included with this show is a little book, Twelve Scenes from 12 a.m. 2001 + 2021, written on O’ahu and printed/bound in Seattle. This book is an adventure into and an exploration of the handmade in the digital age. It is also a continuation of my conversation with the whales. 

Their bios are <here>.