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Featured Collection: Lisa Asagi and Jesianne Asagi

December 10, 2021

Featured Collection: Lisa Asagi and Jesianne Asagi

Lisa's bio
Lisa Asagi currently lives on the island of O’ahu in the Hawaiian Archipelago, where she was born and raised. Creative projects have been in the works since the age of five, with explorations in multitudes of mediums:  drawing, comicbook making, poetry, film, painting, and sculpture.   She has been shaped by her work in the realms of independent media, community-centered food systems design, and while volunteering with wildlife conservation projects.  Collaborative projects involving visual, live art, music, film, music, and food are often happening.

Lisa's Artist Statement
Cetaceans are great conversationalists and sculpting with whales always feels like a kind of conversation. It feels like a listening and articulating  that occurs between hands, clay, water, cetaceans, and all that I am learning about them.  The pod in this show are of porcelain or black stoneware, high-fired without glaze.  

Included with this show is a little book, Twelve Scenes from 12 a.m. 2001 + 2021, written on O’ahu and printed/bound in Seattle.  It is the first project of a micro press, Protonema Press,  just hatched with Jesianne Asagi, my sister and co-artist of this show. This book is an adventure into and  an exploration of the handmade in the digital age.  It is also a continuation of my conversation with the whales.  

web: lisa-asagi.com
ig: @lisa_asagi

Jesi's bio
Jesianne Asagi currently lives in Seattle, Washington. She was born and raised on O'ahu. Her work explores language, symbolism and nostalgia - what is forgotten and remembered. Most of her materials are found object and ephemera. 

web: jasagi.com
ig: @sandoaisle