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Aaron Murray & Kate Greiner Murray, Virtual Art Show, July 9 - August 5, 2020

Welcome! Like many other businesses, the pandemic and lockdown led us to utilize our website in a way we had not anticipated -- as a gallery space. The Virtual Art Space started in April 2020, and featured artists and artisans we've had in our brick and mortar stores for years, as well as some new-to-KOBO artists too. This page is an archive of the show as it originally exhibited. Moving forward, art shows will still be featured on online, but as mandates go away and we are all feeling safer, we will be inviting the public to come see the show in-person at one or both of our locations. Thanks for stopping by and please contact us if you have other questions.

KOBO is very excited to be featuring two Seattle artists who happen to be married to each other. Kate Greiner Murray and Aaron Murray may use different mediums – acrylics and watercolors for Kate and stoneware and glazes for Aaron – but their vision is clear and similar: to transport the viewer to a world where we can dream. A hope for fun, color, and imagination. 

To read more about Kate and Aaron, please click on this link
Please check the Art & Craft department for currently available pieces.

serpent canoeSea Serpent Canoe
Blue Salmon CanoeBlue Salmon Canoe
Tree houseTree House
Fou LeeFou Lee
Dairy MaidDairy Maid
Fish CanoeFish Canoe (3 Cats)
Duck CanoeDuck Canoe
Crow CanoeCrow Canoe
Custard KingCustard King
Brown DogBrown Dog
Black and White DogBlack and White Dog
Dark Brown DogDark Brown Dog
Black Dog with White ChinBlack Dog with White Chin
Brown DogBrown Dog
Seal of ApprovalSeal of Approval
Shark KiteShark Kite
Orca 2Orca 2
Orca 1Orca 1
FoxReddish Fox (smooth)
red hippoRed Hippo
Mtn RainierMtn Rainier
purple octopusPurple Octopus
green octopusGreen Octopus
penguin3Penguin 3
duckD. Duck
penguin1Penguin 1
penguin2Penguin 2
penguin4Penguin 4
blue hippoBlue Hippo
sitting foxSitting Fox
grinning goatGrinning Goat
black and brown goatBlack and Brown Goat
gray hippoGray Hippo
Light Brown BirdBird with Light Brown Plumage
green and brown turtleGreen and Brown Turtle
blue elephantBlue Elephant
Light Brown ElephantLight Brown Elephant
Pink and Brown TurtlePink and Brown Turtle
Turtle with Pink and Green ShellTurtle with Pink and Green Shell
Turtle with Dark Green ShellTurtle with Dark Green Shell
Paws Up FoxPaws Up Fox
Paws Up FoxPaws Up Fox (smooth)
Light Brown TurtleLight Brown Turtle
Little Cyclops RobotLittle Cyclops Robot
Blue GoatBlue Goat
Turtle with Dark Brown and BlueTurtle with Dark Brown and Blue
Turtle with Green and BlackTsubaki
TV GuyTV Guy
Grinning RobotGrinning Robot
Robot RocketRobot Rocket
Pointy Red Hat RobotPointy Red Hat Robot
Blue Robot GuyBlue Robot Guy
Cyclops RobotCyclops Robot
Sitting Fox (smooth)Sitting Fox (smooth)