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In Our Virtual Art Space: Murray + Murray = Art + Life

July 10, 2020

In Our Virtual Art Space: Murray + Murray = Art + Life

A very big Thanks! to Kate and Aaron, for their work in the Virtual Art Space and KOBO. We look forward to seeing what you guys do next!

KOBO is very excited to feature Kate and Aaron in the Virtual Art Space.   All pieces are available for purchase. Thank you and please enjoy the show.

Artist statements:

Kate: These current works depict my neighborhood and beyond. The beginning, a motel display of roadside attraction fliers on a childhood road trip. My fascination with the places on the fliers, and the dream, nostalgia, and fantasy they provided, began. I paint the mundane simplicity of a place during a moment. I like that each painting is a little portal, transporting. 

Aaron: These works are from my latest during the lockdown. Animals for people, Canoes for the journey,  and Robots for our automated society.


Aaron: Aaron Murray is a Seattle visual artist. He started making ceramics in 1990 and is mostly self taught. His work has been featured at the Outsider Art Fairs in New York and Paris and exhibited in many galleries and shops throughout the Pacific Northwest. He also teaches classes at the Kirkland Art center .

Kate: I have lived in Seattle for over 20 years, painting and art making the whole time. My paintings are generally acrylic or watercolor.