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SAI Watercolor Brush Pens - 20 Color Set

SAI brush tips are meticulously crafted by skilled professionals. Water-based pigment ink faithfully reproduces Japan's elegant traditional colors. SAI has preserved the very essence of applying both line and color.

With the feel of fine calligraphy pens SAI brush pens allow you to move effortlessly between bold and fine lines. With the brush tip dipped in water or with a moistened paper, you can create gently spreading and shading effects. SAI works wonderfully with pencils or water-resistant pens to unleash endless expression possibilities.

Color blending
A wide range of color blending is available simply by adjusting the degree of the ink's dryness.

By dipping the brush tip in water, you can freely create gently spreading and shading effects.

The touch of an authentic calligraphy brush
Simply by changing writing pressure, you can create lines not expressible with felt pens.