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"In the Garden of Mindfulness" 44 x 30 Woodcut by Yoshi Nakagawa

"As the natural world gives me strength, so does art therapy. Art signifies something different for everyone, but for me a friend recently shared an anecdote that I find true and inspiring: as an art teacher watches the pupil create, the pupil asks, “How do I know if what I’m making is art?” The teacher responds, “Does it heal you?” “Yes.” “Well then it’s art.” Whether it be historical trauma, mourning death, or overcoming depression, these three (Under the Willow) woodcuts are part of my healing process."

Medium: Woodcut (from a single large wood block), black ink

Edition: 4/11

Size: 44'' x 30''

Signed by the artist

Printed in Oaxaca, using traditional printing techniques

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