KOBO Seattle | since 1995

Five Ply Design - Cereus Lamp


Cereus lamps are made from American basswood (Tilia americana), a native hardwood from the U.S. that has a tight and clear grain structure and is also incredibly light. The lamps are sealed with an oil-based finish to protect the wood surfaces and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. The shade is made from Synskin, a durable vinyl coated fiberglass that softly diffuses light. 

All electrical components are UL rated and sourced entirely from vendors in the US. Each lamp comes prewired and ready to use with a 6' twisted brown cord and in-line switch. Lamps feature a standard socket- compatible with LED and incandescent lamps of 60W or lower.


Small -10" diameter x 12" tall

Medium -10" diameter x 18" tall

Large- -10" diameter x 24" tall

Built in Seattle by five ply design