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CENTO 3 Mechanical Pencil

Translated from Italian:
"Multi-function pencil with trilobate shape, in biobased PLA filament and graphene, function unit in chromed metal.

CENTO3.E is produced with an innovative additive manufacturing technique via 3D printing which, by depositing material layer by layer, allows material not to be wasted.

The refined layered surface is soft to the touch and has a non-slip grip.

Each piece is made individually and assembled by hand, thus being able to speak of craftsmanship in the industrial. And everything happens in Bologna, with pride!

Each keg is made individually using innovative additive manufacturing techniques via 3D printing.

The iconic trefoil shape with arches, designed by Achille Castiglioni and Gianfranco Cavaglià in 2001, is extremely clean in design yet complex to create on the product, ergonomic and perfect to be gripped by the three fingers of the hand."