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Yoshi Nakagawa, Virtual Art Show, June 11 - July 8, 2020

Yoshi Nakagawa

Welcome! Like many other businesses, the pandemic and lockdown led us to utilize our website in a way we had not anticipated -- as a gallery space. The Virtual Art Space started in April 2020, and featured artists and artisans we've had in our brick and mortar stores for years, as well as some new-to-KOBO artists too. This page is an archive of the show as it originally exhibited. Moving forward, art shows will still be featured on online, but as mandates go away and we are all feeling safer, we will be inviting the public to come see the show in-person at one or both of our locations. Thanks for stopping by and please contact us if you have other questions.
Yoshi Nakagawa's Works On Paper are etchings, linocuts or woodcuts. The following is meant to be an archive of the show. Please check the Art & Craft department for currently available Yoshi Nakagawa pieces.
"There is great beauty and simplicity in our everyday lives: the respect for working by hand, finding enlightenment in something very repetitive, a childhood memory that resolves the present moment. This is what catches my imagination and propels me towards printmaking. Day-to-day objects and occurrences become metaphors to share my appreciation and convey human experience. My attention to details, textures, and patterns of the natural world inspire me to create. I use relief, etching, monotype, and mixed media, reveling in the methodical processes and acknowledging the gratification I feel when my work goes through the press."

To read more about Yoshi, please click on this link

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