KOBO Seattle | Since 1995

Rob Vetter

From childhood, Rob Vetter admired the ability to summon beauty and the carefree perfection of landscape painters. From the watercolors of Seaview, Washington’s Charles Mulvey, to the California paintings of Russell Chatham, to the entire output of the revered and visionary Canadians, the Group of Seven, Rob was raised on landscapes. If, in his own work, he has eschewed the quest for perfection, Rob still aspires to beauty - and occasionally achieves it, often on a very small scale. Lately, he has focused on scenes from Whatcom and Skagit counties. Rob lives in Bellingham.

Rob has been featured in numerous art shows at KOBO at Higo over the years. He also kicked off the first show in our Virtual Art Space.  

His pieces are available for purchase in Art & Craft.