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Momoko and Tetsuya Otani

Tetsuya and Momoko Otani are ceramic artists.  They are also husband and wife who work from their studio in Shigaraki, Japan, creating work independently and also collaboratively. They have participated in the Simple Cup Show for several years and now prepare for their first solo showing of their work in the United States.

"I love daily kitchen life: cooking, eating, enjoying something to drink and everything else that goes on. I think most of my work has been born out of my kitchen time.  I always imagine that the sizes will fit some specific food or drink, and think about the way a vessel works.  Nice functional pieces make our daily life rich and fun.

Some people who own my work tell me that it has a warmth and depth that they enjoy holding in their hands.

It's my hope that my work will add some extra flavors to the lives of those who use my pieces."