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Jodi Rockwell and Michelle Murphy, Virtual Art Show, January 2021


Welcome! Like many other businesses, the pandemic and lockdown led us to utilize our website in a way we had not anticipated -- as a gallery space. The Virtual Art Space started in April 2020, and featured artists and artisans we've had in our brick and mortar stores for years, as well as some new-to-KOBO artists too. This page is an archive of the show as it originally exhibited. Moving forward, art shows will still be featured on online, but as mandates go away and we are all feeling safer, we will be inviting the public to come see the show in-person at one or both of our locations. Thanks for stopping by and please contact us if you have other questions.
Hello 2021. KOBO is pleased to present two artists from the Pacific NW whose art we've been carrying for a number of years. Michelle and Jodi work with the natural world: plants and animals. We thought it would be a good way to start the new year -- as nature can ground us in ways we might need right now. Please explore and you will find: funny bunnies, bird nests, bursts and bits of color, an armadillo, and carved lines, and surprises in the details. 

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Take care and we hope you are filled with hope for better days ahead. Onward! KOBO.

Jodi Rockwell - Kitty FriendJodi Rockwell - Kitty Friend
Jodi Rockwell - Bunny Gold CheekJodi Rockwell - Bunny Gold Cheek
Jodi Rockwell - ArmadilloJodi Rockwell - Armadillo
Jodi Rockwell - Three BunniesJodi Rockwell - Three Bunnies
Jodi Rockwell - CatJodi Rockwell - Cat
Jodi Rockwell - Tiny Bunny Streaming DotsJodi Rockwell - Tiny Bunny Streaming Dots
Jodi Rockwell - Bunny CupJodi Rockwell - Bunny Cup
Jodi Rockwell - One Dot CupJodi Rockwell - One Dot Cup
Jodi Rockwell - Cat Star GazerJodi Rockwell - Cat Star Gazer
Jodi Rockwell - Gold Drip BunnyJodi Rockwell - Gold Drip Bunny
Jodi Rockwell - Bunny Star GazerJodi Rockwell - Bunny Star Gazer
Jodi Rockwell - Tiny Bunny Streaming DotsJodi Rockwell - Tiny Bunny Streaming Dots
Michelle Murphy - Fern PlateMichelle Murphy - Fern Plate
Michelle Murphy - Lucky CloverMichelle Murphy - Lucky Clover
Michelle Murphy - Gingko PlatterMichelle Murphy - Gingko Platter
Michelle Murphy - Peony PlatterMichelle Murphy - Peony Platter
Michelle Murphy - Gingko Etched PlatterMichelle Murphy - Gingko Etched Platter
Michelle Murphy - Small Nest DishesMichelle Murphy - Small Nest Dishes
Michelle Murphy - Red-Winged Black Bird Nest BowlMichelle Murphy - Red-Winged Black Bird Nest Bowl
Michelle Murphy - American Robin Nest PlateMichelle Murphy - American Robin Nest Plate
Michelle Murphy - Hummingbird Nest PlateMichelle Murphy - Hummingbird Nest Plate
Michelle Murphy - Forest Floor PlatterMichelle Murphy - Forest Floor Platter