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Hominiuk, Ozaki, Horton, Halvorsen, Virtual Art Show, December 2020

Welcome! Like many other businesses, the pandemic and lockdown led us to utilize our website in a way we had not anticipated -- as a gallery space. The Virtual Art Space started in April 2020, and featured artists and artisans we've had in our brick and mortar stores for years, as well as some new-to-KOBO artists too. This page is an archive of the show as it originally exhibited. Moving forward, art shows will still be featured on online, but as mandates go away and we are all feeling safer, we will be inviting the public to come see the show in-person at one or both of our locations. Thanks for stopping by and please contact us if you have other questions.
KOBO Virtual Gallery proudly presents Robin Hominiuk, Reid Ozaki, Todd Horton and Larry Halvorsen in the Virtual Art Space. Robin, Reid and Larry's works in clay, and Todd's work in oil paint.

It seems appropriate that our 25th Anniversary and last show of 2020 are with some of the artists we've had the pleasure knowing and working with the longest. We feel lucky to be witness to the evolution of their art over the years. Here's to many more!
All pieces are available for purchase, and some require special shipping if you are not doing a local pickup. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the exhibit! 

Artist Bios here.

Robin Hominiuk Oval BowlRobin Hominiuk Oval Bowl
Robin Hominiuk Narrow Necked VaseRobin Hominiuk Narrow Necked Vase
Robin Hominiuk Footed Triangle PlateRobin Hominiuk Footed Triangle Plate
Robin Hominiuk Pocket Flask #1Robin Hominiuk Pocket Flask #1
Robin Hominiuk Pocket Flask #2Robin Hominiuk Pocket Flask #2
Robin Hominiuk Dot VaseRobin Hominiuk Dot Vase
Robin Hominiuk Fluted TumblerRobin Hominiuk Fluted Tumbler
Robin Hominiuk Cup & Saucer SetRobin Hominiuk Cup & Saucer Set
Robin Hominiuk Cup & Saucer Set 2Robin Hominiuk Cup & Saucer Set 2
Robin Hominiuk 4-piece Sake SetRobin Hominiuk 4-piece Sake Set
Robin Hominiuk 6-piece Sake SetRobin Hominiuk 6-piece Sake Set
Reid Ozaki Mug 1Reid Ozaki Mug 1
Reid Ozaki Mug 2Reid Ozaki Mug 2
Reid Ozaki Mug 3Reid Ozaki Mug 3
Reid Ozaki Gourd Shaped Vase 1Reid Ozaki Gourd Shaped Vase 1
Reid Ozaki Gourd Shaped Vase 2Reid Ozaki Gourd Shaped Vase 2
Reid Ozaki Tokkuri & GuinomiReid Ozaki Tokkuri & Guinomi
Reid Ozaki Chawan 1Reid Ozaki Chawan 1
Reid Ozaki Chawan 2Reid Ozaki Chawan 2
Reid Ozaki KatakuchiReid Ozaki Katakuchi
Reid Ozaki VaseReid Ozaki Vase
Reid Ozaki Yunomi 1Reid Ozaki Yunomi 1
Reid Ozaki Yunomi 2Reid Ozaki Yunomi 2
Reid Ozaki Yunomi 3Reid Ozaki Yunomi 3
Larry Halvorsen Face VaseLarry Halvorsen Face Vase
Larry Halvorsen Face Mug VerticalLarry Halvorsen Face Mug Vertical
Larry Halvorsen Face Mug DotsLarry Halvorsen Face Mug Dots
Larry Halvorsen Face Mug Thin LinesLarry Halvorsen Face Mug Thin Lines
Larry Halvorsen Tray CirclesLarry Halvorsen Tray Circles
Larry Halvorsen Tray WavesLarry Halvorsen Tray Waves
Larry Halvorsen Tray LinesLarry Halvorsen Tray Lines
Larry Halvorsen Face Bowl DotsLarry Halvorsen Face Bowl Dots
Larry Halvorsen Face Bowl LinesLarry Halvorsen Face Bowl Lines
Larry Halvorsen Large Face BowlLarry Halvorsen Large Face Bowl
Larry Halvorsen Oval Face VaseLarry Halvorsen Oval Face Vase
Larry Halvorsen Gourd VaseLarry Halvorsen Gourd Vase
Todd Horton - Golden CrownTodd Horton - Golden Crown
Todd Horton - Whispered EndearmentsTodd Horton - Whispered Endearments
Todd Horton - Evening VesselTodd Horton - Evening Vessel
Todd Horton - The Memories WithinTodd Horton - The Memories Within
Todd Horton - The Poet Writes With Love And TeaTodd Horton - The Poet Writes With Love And Tea
Todd Horton - Carried Along A Spring BreezeTodd Horton - Carried Along A Spring Breeze
Todd Horton - The Vibration of Attracting HeartsTodd Horton - The Vibration of Attracting Hearts
Todd Horton - Flutter of SunshineTodd Horton - Flutter of Sunshine
Todd Horton - Poet of the Sky BlueTodd Horton - Poet of the Sky Blue
Todd Horton - Her Heart Swells With JoyTodd Horton - Her Heart Swells With Joy
Todd Horton - Beneath the Glimmering MoonTodd Horton - Beneath the Glimmering Moon
Todd Horton - The Shimmer of Like MindsTodd Horton - The Shimmer of Like Minds
Todd Horton - Along a River of MemoryTodd Horton - Along a River of Memory
Todd Horton - The Sound of SunshineTodd Horton - The Sound of Sunshine