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"Under the Willow" 44 x 30 Woodcut by Yoshi Nakagawa

"In 2017, I visited Japan and took a workshop with a Tenkoku (signature seal) master stone engraver. He researched and discovered a different meaning to my name–if “pure lady” is the yang, then “one who mourns death” is the yin. Yep, what a depressing name. But it was coincidence that I made Under the Willow before I went to Japan. In Japanese folklore, they say there are ghosts under willow trees and in Shakespearian plays, weeping willows foreshadow death as we see in Ophelia’s morbid outcome. Maybe subconsciously Under the Willow is the sequel to Pure Lady, and maybe I do mourn death, especially in these difficult times."

Medium: Woodcut (from a single large wood block), dark blue ink

Edition: 4/10

Size: 44'' x 30''

Signed by the artist

Printed in Oaxaca using traditional printing method

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