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Living Room

Lacquered Container with Lid and Golden Mt. Fuji

A combination of red lacquering and black lacquering with a calming Japanese lacquer hand painting on the lid coveys a sense of luxury. This stylish lacquer ware is decorated with a gold Mt,Fuji leafed in polished maki-e lacquer, a modern finish with a novel and glittering image. Made from Jujube, it is an indispensable item for tea ceremony. 

Echizen (Fukui) lacquerware, made by craftsman Masaru Yamazaki. 

Materials: Natural wood, urushi (lacquer)

2.75''W  2.5''H

Made in Japan by Miyabi-no

Miyabino adds color to daily life. Based in Echizen, a beautiful city of rich tradition, and Lacquer, there is an appreciation of this serene and quaint art. Lacquer is a Japanese tradition that lives on in Echizen people's daily life. The more you use it, the more you appreciate its texture a unique quality to real lacquer.