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Incense from Kyoto


Choose from a selection of four delicately blended scents. Package color may vary from images depending on your selection.

Five Hills (Gozan)  $10
The five mountains enclosing Kyoto provide inspiration for this mellow, deep blending of cloves and the finest sandalwood from Mysore, India. Promotes an air of calmness and contemplation. (one bundle)

White Cloud (Haku-un) $15
A fragrance inspired by the image of white clouds in a blue sky. Made from a generations-old recipe with aloeswood, benzoin, and sandalwood, White Cloud's high quality, earthy-sweet scent helps bring a moment of inner peace. (one bundle)

Circle (En-mei) $22
A blend of high-grade sandalwood, clove and cinnamon creates a subtle and inviting atmosphere. It is a pleasantly unobtrusive fragrance, appropriate for moments of solitude as well as for gatherings of friends and family. (one bundle)

Fresh Breeze (Sei-fu) $32
A premium fragrance blend. A cool and delectable blend of premium sandalwood, Fresh Breeze ushers in an atmosphere of clarity and refinement. (one bundle)