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Organic Shiso Furikake

Literally meaning “sprinkles”, furikake is Japanese savory flakes commonly used as a topping over rice. Fukami’s Organic Shiso Furikake is made using red shiso organically grown in Wakayama Prefecture and umesu, a byproduct of making umeboshi, salt-cured “ume” plum. Fukami carefully moisten and massage the Japanese herb with umesu—the liquid naturally produced when salt-curing plums—dry it using hot air, and then make it into flakes. No additives and MSG are used. How to use this Organic Shiso Furikake: Organic Shiso Furikake can instantly brighten up your dish. Just sprinkle it over rice, rice balls, tofu, salad, mozzarella, baked potato, or tempura. Ingredients: Red Perilla, Salt.

1.58 oz

Made in Japan