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Organic Pickled Umeboshi (Premium Grade)

Ume, the sour fruits of Japanese plum trees, are related to apricots and plums but are unique as they become more sour rather than sweeter as they ripen. They're often made into umeboshi (pickled plums) by soaking the ume in salt brines until they become plump and juicy with a delightfully tart taste. Here they're combined with shiso (perilla leaves or Japanese basil), a Japanese herb related to mint that has an earthy flavor similar to basil and anise with hints of citrus. The reddish-purple shiso adds a bright pink hue to these umeboshi.

Established in 1940, Yasashi Ume Yasan crafts these umeboshi the old-fashion way, just like obaachans (Japanese grandmothers) would make them. Their umeare organically grown in Wakayama Prefecture, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and carry the Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS) organic certification. The process of achieving organic certification in Japan is so difficult that even in Wakayama, an area famous for its ume, only 1% are certified organic. They are then pickled with organic shiso (also from Wakayama) and sea salt from Hyogo Prefecture.

.52 oz

Made in Japan