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Iwate Kozo Box of 50 Cards - natural

These are blank business card-sized card using Higashiyama Washi, a paper making studio with over 800 years of history in Higashiyama-cho, Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture.

Kozo-shi is paper made from the bark fibers of the kozo tree, and because it was very strong, it was used as paper for important official documents, scriptures, books, and other documents that needed to be preserved for hundreds of years. The box for the set of 50 sheets is also rustic and beautiful. Matsuo Basho's travelogue "Oku no Hosomichi" (The Narrow Road to the Deep North) was written on what is now known as Higashiyama washi paper, which was cut into four pieces.

We recommend using letterpress printing, stamps, or handwriting.

Because the products are handmade, they may differ slightly from the pictures in terms of color and shape.

Box of 50 cards

Each card is approximately 
2.36'' x 3.54''

Material: Kozo paper

Made in Japan (Higashiyama/Iwate)