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Ha Ko Paper Leaf Incense with incense mat

A treat for your senses. Wooden gift box from HA KO Paper Incense includes five incense leaves (of various scents), and a felt burner mat. Made in what is known as the birthplace of Japanese incense, Awaji Island.

Fragrances included: No. 01 Spicy Jasmine, No. 02 Agarwood, No. 03 Elegant Citrus, No. 04 Sandalwood, No. 05 Smoky Cinnamon.

How to enjoy Ha Ko: as potpourri (place one at your desk, in the car, entryway, etc), as incense (after lighting, extinguish the flame and place on included flameproof mat  and flameproof dish - each leaf will burn for 5-7 minutes), as a gift (slip in with greeting card, on present, etc).

Materials: Wood, Paper, Felt

Dimensions: approx 3" (leaf)

Made on Awaji Island, Japan

Click here for the leaves with dish set. 

About the maker: Kunjudo established in 1893 on Awaji Island, has carefully chosen Fragrant Masters and artisans creating stable, high quality products, not least, of which is traditional "incense", using technical capabilities cultivated over many years, while we also constantly explore new uses of "incense" in daily life.