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Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence by Andrew Juniper

From the publisher:
In addition to presenting the philosophy of wabi-sabi, this book includes how-to design advice—so that a transformation of body, mind, and home can emerge.

Chapters include:
History: The Development of Wabi Sabi
Culture: Wabi Sabi and the Japanese Character
Art: Defining Aesthetics
Design: Creating Expressions with Wabi Sabi Materials
Spirit: The Universal Spirit of Wabi Sabi

176 pp

Author Andrew Juniper provides a fascinating explanation of wabi sabi, taking the reader from the art's fifteenth-century Japanese origins to its modern-day practical applications. The book is peppered with photographs and illustrations that demonstrate how wabi sabi can help provide an alternative to the fast-paced, mass-produced, neon-lit world of today. He lives in Sussex, England where he runs the Wabi-Sabi Art Gallery.