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Higo Journal

"By purchasing a Higo Journal, you are preserving a part of Japanese-American history. The photos depicted on the cover are selections from the archives of the Murakami family of Seattle, Washington. Sanzo "Papa" Murakami founded the Higo Ten Cent Store in 1932, purveying everything from kimonos to rice cookers to the then thriving Japanese community. At the outbreak of World War II, the family was sent to internment camp, along with thousands of other Japanese Americans. Upon release in 1946, the Murakami family reopened Higo – sadly, Papa died of a heart attack eight days later. Mom, brother Kay, and sisters Aya and Masa (sister Chiyo died January 3, 1937) continued to run the store while traveling the world. Higo, the oldest Japanese variety store on the West Coast, closed its doors in 2004. Domo arigato gozaimasu – may this journal provide you with a place to preserve your personal history."

140 lined pages, 6'' x 8.25''

Made in Seattle