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Untitled (with Xi Ping) by Beth Dunn

Poke a dictator. These pieces are sculpture but they can be functional, too. Bunchin (weighing down paper for Japanese calligraphy), or an inspirational pin cushion. 

Wool, linen, cotton thread, ground walnut shells

2.5’’H x 5.5’’W

Made by Beth Dunn, Seattle, WA

Artist Bio:
After graduating from the University of Washington, Beth studied printmaking and art history as a post graduate student. Recently she started to combine printmaking, fabric design, embroidery and quilt making processes. Beth’s work is process oriented, using word and image as a framework and, then, letting her imagination rule. Textiles were alway important to her from an early age. The process of working in a fabric medium brings back a playfulness and significant childhood memories.