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Virtual Art Space, November 2020: Lisa Asagi: Return of the Whales

November 05, 2020

Virtual Art Space, November 2020: Lisa Asagi: Return of the Whales

Thanks for visiting! This show ended in December 2020. To see the show, click on this link. Please contact us if you have any questions, or check out the Arts & Craft section to see what is currently available by Lisa.

November Artist in the Virtual Art Space: Lisa Asagi

Lisa Asagi is a writer and sculptor. Born in and raised by the Hawaiian archipelago, her life and work are informed by sea, the communities who live within and with it. 

“Return of the Whales” features recent work guided by a lifelong wonderment and kinship with the cetacean realms. A whale shark has also joined this collection.  

These creatures are hand formed. Stoneware and porcelain bodies remain unglazed, allowing the diverse nature of the planetary composition of clays to be revealed. Firings at high temperatures honor the elemental cycles of life: water, earth, fire, and time.  

Lisaʻs lineage is an interweave of sea folk, forest folk, shrine keepers, farmers, carpenters, chick hatchers, a long lost calligrapher, and a mason who made sculptures of goddesses from black asphalt. Lisa lives, works, and paddles on the island of Oahu.  

{A portion of artist proceeds are shared with various groups working to protect and restore wilderness.}

IG: @islaofthewild