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Sakiko Fukuda's Tiny and Big Origami

October 22, 2021

Sakiko Fukuda's Tiny and Big Origami

A native of Tokyo, Sakiko Fukuda grew up fascinated by all small things. Her first origami was a tiny ball shaped ornament she would leave next to her grandparents' bed as a gifts on Christmas morning. This love of creating and design led her to Tama Art University to study Environmental Design, a major in Interior Design and a job building architectural models at Takenaka Corp. She lived in Brooklyn for seven years, then in 2011, moved to Seattle. Sakiko is also a photographer, ceramic artist, and loves cooking. 

Although tiny origami in bottles may be what she is known for, Sakiko also does big origami stars for KOBO, Ba Bar in South Lake Union, and very soon at the Ba Bar in University Village.

See her heart bottle, dog bottle, and crane bottle < here. >