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Remembering Fukushima: Ten Years Later

March 11, 2021

Remembering Fukushima: Ten Years Later

What is the purpose of remembering a tragic event? Mostly, it is moment of silence in respect for those that were lost. It can also be about learning how others are still living through the event and opportunities to help, if any. This is not necessarily about signing a petition (although we hope you do), donating to a cause (but if you can, please do), or joining a protest (that'd be great actually). Many before us have said that with grief, sadness, and tragedy, can come resilience, understanding and sometimes a calling. We know the risks of writing about such sad topics, but our hope is to reach out, share, and maybe resonate with you.

March 11th marks the day of the Fukushima Disaster. The Oregon Physicians of Social Responsibility is screening a documentary by filmmaker Hitomi Kamanaka “Little Voices from Fukushima”, about a group of Fukushima mothers trying their best to protect their families. Together with Cascadia Arts Film Festival and CORE (Consequences of Radiation Exposure), their hope is to "encourage our Japanese and American viewers to learn more about what’s happening in Fukushima and its connection to the nuclear-affected sites where they live.”

To view the film, please purchase an $8 ticket through the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility’s website. This fee is considered a donation and will go to the cost of screening the film. An online panel discussion called “Remembering Fukushima Ten Years Later” on March 11, 2021 at 5pm (Pacific Time) will be accessible with your film ticket/donation. Ask questions and find out more about what we can do to help. The panel includes the filmmaker Hitomi Kamanaka; Norma Field, author of Fukushima Radiation; Lawyer and activist Ruiko Moto, who led the case brought upon three executives of the power plant; and Leona Morgan, an Indigenous activist fighting the dumping and transporting of nuclear and radioactive materials.

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