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PRE-ORDER: Japanese Artisan Chocolates

December 10, 2021

PRE-ORDER: Japanese Artisan Chocolates

Pre-order your box of artisan chocolates from Pastry Chef Junko Mine, James Beard and Star Chef nominee and formerly of Cafe Juanita. 

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About the ingredients:

Sea Salt from Awaji island, Japan
Awaji Island has a precious sea salt made by a special manufacturing method. It is slowly boiled using firewood for about 40 hours. Since it takes time and effort to make, the amount that can be taken in a day is very small.

Seven commitments/characteristic of the salts are:

  1. cooked with firewood over time.
  2. Crystallizes slowly over 40 hours.
  3. Uses a custom-made iron kettle instead of stainless steel.
  4. Salt that brings out the taste of the ingredients by condensing the ingredients of the sea.
  5. Manufactured in a natural environment without any hassle.
  6. The seawater is not overcooked and the aftertaste is gentle.
  7. Sleep in a cedar barrel and have a mellow taste.



Awa Dokudami Bancha from Tokushima, Japan
Awa bancha (阿波晩茶) is a traditional roasted tea from Tokushima, Japan. Awa was an old province in what is now Tokushima prefecture. It is now used as another word for Tokushima.

Even though it has the word “bancha” in its name, it’s often spelled differently in an attempt to set it apart from the standard bancha.

In essence, awa bancha is a pickled tea, and as such is has a slightly sour taste.  

Dokudami is a Japanese native flowering plant and the word, Dokudami translates to “poison-block” in Japanese.  Signifying it’s detox properties. 




Junko Mine is a native Japanese, who enjoys baking, taking food photography, and making art. While living in California, she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from San Diego State University. Although she was already baking pastry in Japan for pleasure, it was during this time that she began baking pastry and bread for friends and family, and became more focused on the culinary arts.

Junko has worked several places in Seattle including Cafe Juanita in Kirkland.  While she was working for Cafe Juanita, her work was recognized and nominated as outstanding pastry chef for both Star Chef and James Beard. While she was working for Holly Smith at Cafe Juanita, she got an opportunity mastering the art of chocolate. Since then, she is fascinated by the way chocolate works.

Almost two years ago, she went back to Tokushima, Japan due to family emergency. During her stay, she could explore the incredible community of chefs and craft persons near Tokushima and Awaji Island, and reassure how many wonderful local ingredients (such as tea, sea salt, and fine sugar) are still not introduced to the US.  

By having the collaboration event at KOBO, she is hoping to introduce people in the US there are many more great things we can introduce from Japan.

{photo of Junko by Rika Manabe Photography} 

The Chocolates: (comes in a box of four)

Awaji Sea Salt Soft Caramel, Hand Roasted Coffee Ganache, Awa Dokudami Bancha Tea, Yuzu Miso Ganache Tart Bar

The Details:

Pickup is at our Capitol Hill Location. 

Chocolates are made to order.

There are two order deadlines and two sets of pickup dates
     Pre-Order #1: Order by 12/12, PICKP date: 12/18 or 12/19 
     Pre-Order #2: Order by 12/15 , PICKUP date: 12/22, 12/23
The tart sable is best consumed within two days for the best taste experience and the other pieces can be enjoyed best within one week.