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Mariko Sensei's Corner: A Japanese Language Column

January 21, 2021

Mariko Sensei's Corner: A Japanese Language Column

​​This month's lesson: “kaze”​ ​​風 wind

A new year has started, and so has a new era according to astrology. Kazeno jidai​, or Wind Era (Air Era) is here after 200 years of Chi no jidai,​ or Ground Era (Earth Era).

We are in a big shift of values: from ground to wind, fixed to flexible, border to borderless, owning to sharing, competition to cooperation, individual success to fulfillment of heart.

It is time to live light and free as ​kaze​ and live who you really are. Another key word to describe the new era would be, ​shujinko, or main character. It is used for the main role in a book, movie, etc. In Zen terms, ​shujinko means “real self” or “the truth of who you are”.

Here are two proverbs with ​kaze​:

Ashita wa ashita no kaze ga fuku.
“Tomorrow, tomorrow’s wind will blow.”
(Being flexible prevents one from breaking)

Yanagi ni kaze.
“Wind on the willow.”
(Allowing it to pass through artfully) 

If your true self has been covered up by earth, then as the Wind Era blows in, may ​shujinko​ be uncovered and fly!