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Kintsugi Repair Service - JMCraft Store

July 07, 2020

Kintsugi Repair Service - JMCraft Store

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Kintsugi has been practiced in Japan as an art form to mend broken ceramics for centuries. Urushi (tree sap) is used to repair the piece, and is later dusted with gold powder. Urushi has a long and incredibly refined culture in Japan, and is an amazing material. Once it is cured, it is food-safe, waterproof, heat resistant, anti-pest, and antibacterial.
Kintsugi by JMCraftStore
We started JMCraft Store as a kintsugi service to help people save their cherished, though broken, ceramic pieces. Our interest in kintsugi began simply as a way to preserve beloved objects. However, our passion arose when we realized the depth of skill and art that lies within the craft. We also want to take part in the preservation of antique and historically important ceramics.

The process has dozens of steps and is both time and labor intensive, but the finished result is worth the effort. Kintsugi has become more popular lately; however, most people use an “easier” method with epoxy, which is not food-safe. One of our main goals is to allow customers to safely use their wares. For that reason, we use genuine urushi.
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We would love to hear your stories and the memories you have of your broken piece. With kintsugi we can help bring new life and new value to your piece. We are happy to give free estimates. Please visit our Facebook and Instagram for repair examples. 

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