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A Day of Remembrance and EO9066

February 18, 2021

A Day of Remembrance and EO9066

[Higo hats in storage. Photo by J. Asagi]

February 19th marks the day Executive Order 9066 was signed and changed the Japanese American community forever. Join us as we hold space for those lives affected, then and now, and for communities still faced with discrimination based on their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation.

The Japanese American Citizens League writes: Every February, the Japanese American community commemorates Executive Order 9066 as a reminder of the impact the incarceration experience has had on our families, our community, and our country. It is an opportunity to educate others on the fragility of civil liberties in times of crisis, and the importance of remaining vigilant in protecting the rights and freedoms of all.

Please join a community close to you, virtually or safely distanced. Or take a moment in your schedule to reflect on this day. 



For events by region, go to the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) < link >

Learn about Tsuru for Solidarity < link > and join their event in conjunction with La Resistencia, Minidoka Pilgrimmage Planning Committee, and others (for Pacific NW folks) < link >

Check out Densho an organization committed to documenting the camp experience < link >

Densho's Week of Remembrance events  < link >

 Wing Luke Museum's events < here > and < here >

Yuba Sutter Arts & Culture: < link >

Fold a crane for Tsuru for Solidarity or for your own project observing A Day of Remembrance. Tsuru's project can be found here.  

And past events:

Los Angeles Day of Remembrance: https://youtu.be/AHozc4QX2qk

Sonoma County: https://youtu.be/32eMYp80PkY

Heart Mountain: https://youtu.be/k1rpEmzvIcE

San Jose Japantown: https://youtu.be/PFKqFRwDoyw

Nihonmachi Outreach Committee San Jose: https://youtu.be/UZSt_pUVBpE