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A list of artists past and present

March 26, 2020

Rob Vetter


Kathy Berd

Aaron Murray

Kristin "Kri Kri" Nelson

Chris Nielsen

Reid Ozaki

Jodi Rockwell

Barb Campbell

Larry Halvorsen

Jonathan Steele

Damian Grava

Mari Kuroda

Nick Robles

Jeffry Mitchell

Lisa Asagi

Day Chan

Ken Pincus

Alan Perillo



Five-Ply Design

Michael Zitka

Alex Olsen

Scott Higson


Jewelry + Metal Work

Jennifer Bennett

Catherine Grisez

Iris Guy

Erika Laureano


Pesha Nguyen

Liz Obritsch

Zuzana Willis

Tegan Wallace

Maru Almeida

Silvana Segulia

Barbara Magana



Prints, Drawing + Paintings

Sylvia Gonzalez

Linnea Lundmark

Yoshi Nakagawa

Ken Taya - ENFU

Rob Vetter

Sally Banfield

Max Steele

Tommer Peterson 


Mixed Media

Bliss Kolb

Sakiko Lavigne

Tomoko Suzuki

Also in About the Artists

Pincus Pottery
Pincus Pottery

May 30, 2020

I live in the contemporary world with city and forest nearby, with local clay and ash to add to the mix, and strive to make things meaningful for this time and place.

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Shumpei Yamaki - wood fired work
Shumpei Yamaki - wood fired work

May 02, 2019

New pieces by Shumpei Yamaki.

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Day Chan's bowls
Day Chan's bowls

May 02, 2019

New pieces by Day Chan at our Capitol Hill location.

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