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Tea Cup from Pincus Pottery

"I throw these cups on a potter’s wheel using a fine white porcelain clay, slow-dry them and put them through an initial bisque firing. Glazing comes next. I first paint on a casual band of dark brown slip (made of a local Aloha red mud) just below the rim. Next, I glaze the interior with a satin-white ash glaze, hoping for some favorable glaze drips, and then spray the exterior with 3 glazes, blue, turquoise, and tan. Finally, the cups are high-fired in my gas kiln to a stoneware (cone 10) temperature." - Ken Pincus [ bio ]

- Each cup is handmade by Ken, so no two are alike, but they are very similar with just a very slight variation. 

 - Cup dimensions:  3.5” ht  x  3” w.  (approx. dimensions as each cup varies slightly.)

- Hand-washing recommended, but dishwasher use OK if loaded so as not to contact other pottery.

- Microwave use OK, but should be limited to less than 3 minutes.

- Made in Oregon.