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Nori by Barry Wong


About the piece:

Nori, photograph by Barry Wong, signed, color photograph, archival giclee print.

An abstract composition is created in this backlit closeup capturing the intricate patterns in a sheet of nori - Japanese seaweed.

Print sizes:  8.5" x 11" and 11" x 14"

(Please contact us for custom print sizes)


Barry Wong is a photographer and educator known for his work in the fine art and documentary traditions. His awards include prizes in the Pictures of the Year Competition and the International Photography Competition.

Wong’s fine art iconic Asian still life photographs have been exhibited in Washington, DC, at the Seattle Center and at the Wing Luke Asian Museum. Wong is also known for his photojournalism work at the Seattle Times - where he was a Pulitzer Prize finalist.

A graduate of Syracuse University’s photography program and an Asian Studies fellow at the University of Hawaii, he is currently teaching photography at Lakeside School in Seattle.