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Kyo-yaki Sake Pourer and Cups

Three pieces: pourer and two cups

Pourer: 4" x 2.5", Cups: 2'' x 1.625''

Kyoto ware (Kyo-yaki + Kiyomizu-yaki)
Kyoto ware pottery is one of the leading traditional crafts of Kyoto and of Japan. Kyo-yaki is the general term for Kyoto earthenware, while kiyomizu-yaki is one of the most characteristic types of kyo-yaki.

Kyo-yaki was born in the cultural climate of Kyoto, a place with a history reaching back more than 1,000 years. These exquisitely handsome works are completely handmade, and are distinctive in their refined sense of form and color. The unique beauty of these pieces is a true expression of the combination of traditional sensibility and techniques with a modern mindset.

Made in Japan