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Kintaro Bandanas - 4 colors

Hanada-iro (deep dark indigo)
Shu-iro (reddish-orange)
Matsuba-Iro (green)
Yamabuki-iro (mustard yellow)

Vignettes from the Japanese folk tale hero Kintaro are featured on this bandana, a child with the power to battle mythical monsters, sumo wrestle bears and giant koi, befriend animals, and help woodcutters fell trees. Comes with a brass safety pin.

100% Cotton

L21.75'" x W21.75"

Printed in the Pacific Northwest

Custom Dyed fabric colors:
- Matsuba-Iro (green)
- Yamabuki-iro (mustard yellow)
- Shu-iro (reddish-orange)
- Hanada-iro (deep dark indigo)

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