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Japanese Super Fine Sea Salt with Wasabi

Fine snow salt. Product of Japan. Ingredients: Natural sea salt and 100% Momosawa Hon Wasabi Root. 

"Wasabi Salt is an ultra premium garnishing and general sodium alternative with incredible 100% Hon Wasabi flavor. This salt is made with what the Japanese classify as “Snow Salt”. They find it to be the purest sea salt available and its fine granules deliver flavor to each application faster and more uniformly, a wonderfully versatile texture. This incredible salt delivers the spicy and aromatic qualities of 100% Hon Wasabi Root that can be conveniently dusted on proteins, vegetables, rice dishes or tempura. The versatility and flavor of this premium salt is unmatched.."

KOBO suggestion: Sprinkled on everything from fish to beef. Delicious sprinkled on tempura. A little goes a long way!