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一期一 会 Ichi Go Ichi E, “One lifetime, One Meeting” 3

Each moment in time is unique, as is each experience, never to be repeated. Ichi Go Ichi E is a common text displayed in tea rooms for the tea ceremony. It is attributed to tea master Naosuke Ii (井伊 直弼) (1815-1860), also the Daimo of Hikone Castle near Kyoto. Even though the tea ceremony is highly structured and scripted, each time is it performed it is unique and renewed, reflecting those in attendance, the season, the weather, and the myriad of other possible variables.

Sumi and watercolor on paper, 2020
16.5”H x 10”W

Tommer was the featured artist in our Virtual Art Space for August 2020. See his entire show at this link and watch an interview by Mayumi Tsutakawa at this link.