Five-piece Tumbler Set

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Elegant and simple glassware, perfect for your bar. Glass is super thin, less than 1mm. This set includes five glasses. Made in Japan. Comes with a wood gift box.

XL.   Beer, D3.0"xH5.9", 480ml

L.   Beer, highball, cocktail, D2.7"xH5.3", 340ml

M.   Daily use size, D2.5"xH4.5", 240ml

S.   Sake, cold tea, one sip beer, D2.1"xH3.8", 150ml

XS.  Cold sake, whiskey, liquor, aperitif, D1.8"xH3.1", 85ml

Established in 1922 as lightbulb maker, this Tokyo glass craftsman company is now use their knowledge and experience to make glassware.