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Cast Iron Griddle Pan

High quality, long lasting ironware for the kitchen. This flat pan/griddle is very versatile – perfect for okonomiyaki, teppanyaki, pancakes, and more. 

Nambu tekki, is ironware produced in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Artisans honed their tekki (ironware) for over 400 years, offering exquisite cast iron pieces for home and garden, tea kettles, and other cooking vessels.

Care for cast iron is simple: Wipe or lightly scrub with water. A drop of soap and is okay if needed, but use a soft scrubber like tawashi. Dry immediately and thoroughly, then add a light coating of a little vegetable oil. Dishwasher and soaking in water not recommended.

L10.5" x W14" x H1"

Made in Japan.