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Bliss Kolb Whirligig Bird

Bliss Kolb

This Whirligig is designed and made by Bliss Kolb.  The wood pieces were conceived and a schematic drawn by Bliss to communicate to a woodcarver how to make each section.  Each piece is hand carved in Java from teak, taking several weeks to complete one bird.  The pieces arrive but need to be carefully assembled and adjusted  for the whirligig sculpture to operate smoothly.  When installed outside in a garden the paint will eventually wear away, but the Whirligig will last for many years because of the natural weather resistant properties of teak.

The Bird turns into the wind and the propellor operates an arm that pulls the Bird's body up & down to flap its wings.

The Bird with its base measures 17" wide x 17" deep x 17" high, the propellor is 15" in diameter.

Designed and assembled in Seattle.

Please contact us at hello@koboseattle.com to purchase this piece. Shipping charges will be determined after the piece is packed, or store pick up can be arranged.

See video below of a similar whirligig bird.


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