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2021 Washi Wall Calendar

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Japanese calendar with silk screen printing on "Echizen Japanese paper" from craftsmen who have nurtured their washi tradition for over a thousand years. A charming animal is thoughtfully illustrated and printed by hand on the washi paper that Echizen craftsmen cut one by one for this calendar every year.

Enjoy the unique texture of Japanese paper and the unique animal patterns. When the year is over, cut or tear the illustration from each sheet and frame or send as a postcard to a friend.

12 sheets/12 months and string for hanging the calendar.

Measurements: 13" x 6"

[January] Calf
[February] Kagu
[March] Land turtle
[April] Bullfinch

[May] Humpback grouper
[June] Palm civet
July] Chinstrap penguin
[August] Common octopus
[September] Beaver
[October] Military macaw
[November] Kinkajou
[December] White fox

KOBO notes: Very cool calendar. Definitely for the paper lover. Our favorites are the tortoise, octopus and penguin!