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Upcoming Shows:


Kimchi Workshop with Hadar Iron, In Ferment
Local Ceramic Artist + Fermenter
Sunday April 23 1pm-4pm | KOBO (at Higo), Japantown
Ticket $85 | Includes Organic Ingredients

Ann Chikahisa, Jewelry Studio Showcase
Sunday May 6 - May 12 | KOBO (at Higo), Japantown

Puget Sound Sumi Artist Group Exhibit
'Ink Studies on Basho's Pond'
Saturday May 13 - June 10 | KOBO (at Higo), Japantown
Opening: Saturday May 13 12pm-4pm

Past Shows:

Azumi Hosoda, Modern Japanese Wax Resist Dyeing
Click here to see photos from this show.

Simple Cup Show 2016
Click here to see the photos from 2016 Simple cup show.