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Women's Light Brown Mushroom T-shirt


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Light brown 100% organic cotton ring-spun jersey t-shirt with environmentally friendly ink in dark brown. 

The mushrooms in the image are:

Chanterelle - アンズタケ (Anzutake)

Morel - アミガサタケ (Amigasatake)

Oyster Mushroom - ヒラタケ (Hiratake)

Matsutake - マツタケ (Matsutake)

Porcini - ポルチーニ (poruchiini)

Shirt Size Chart: 

Small: 16.75" width, 24" length

Medium: 17.75" width, 25" length

Large: 19.75" width, 26" length

XLarge: 21.75" width, 27" length