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Tommer PetersonAugust 2020  in the Virtual Art Space featured calligraphy by Seattle's Tommer Peterson. Here's what Tommer has to say about this body of work:  "Most of the work in this exhibition was done during the first months of the Covid 19 quarantine. It began with the Buddhist poem いろは (iroha). This poem is unique, in that it uses all of the phonetic Hiragana characters, but uses each one only once. From there, I expanded, looking to other texts and ideas from the cannon of historic Zen Buddhist writing that seemed to offer some promise or deliverance in these unprecedented times." 

Read more about Tommer, including more information about the paper he uses as his canvas, here. Tommer's pieces are available for purchase.
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Watch Tommer's interview with Mayumi Tsutakawa [link]