Welcome to KOBO Seattle

KOBO features a carefully selected collection of art, design and products we love to use. The community of artists, designers and small businesses we work with are based locally and also around the world. Click here to Shop KOBO.



Modern Northwest designs for the home
Find inspiring elements for the home by makers from Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and beyond. We carry designs conceived and manufactured in the U.S.A. and in many cases produced by hand by these designers in their studios.

Contemporary designers and artists
KOBO in Seattle features a selection of designers and artists we know and love. They work in many mediums from metal smiths, jewelry designers, furniture makers, painters, illustrators, print makers, sculptors, clay artists and others. We have worked with some for many years, and others are newly discovered. KOBO is ever changing and you never know what you will find when you drop by.

Handmade textiles
KOBO has a wide selection of textiles from Japanese panels to wearable textiles in our shop. This includes one of a kind garments designed by Mieko Mintz. If you are interested in something we carry, please contact us at hello@koboseattle.com and we can provide you with more information and images.

Vintage Japanese Wares
A collection of Japanese tableware and vintage objects are available. Many are one of a kind and the same piece will not always be available but there may be a similar one in its place. Clients enjoy browsing the gallery periodically to see what has recently come in. The fun is sometimes in the hunt!