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On Paper

"Golden" Silkscreen Print by Jessica McCourt

Each limited edition, silkscreen print is on hand-painted watercolor paper. Because each individual sheet has been hand-painted, no two prints are exactly alike.

"Leopards have always represented a quiet strength, a mysterious beauty to me. Waiting for their moment, watching, never doubting their own strength in the flash of the hunt. They are a symbol of resilience, protection and rare beauty. They are truly golden creatures. Inside everyone of us resides a leopard. We just have to unchain it.

The Japanese characters represent “golden“ or “of gold.” To me this goes along with the idea of “shining” as an individual. To be one’s most brightest and truest self. To be golden is to be strong, kind, confident and engaged with life."

Limited edition of 50

BIO: B. 1980. Jessica McCourt is a contemporary artist working primarily in the medium of cut paper. Her work explores the duality of nature, the symbolism these archetypes embody and our relation to them.

Each piece has some story to tell which is not always apparent when beginning. Like a veil lifting, moving along, tracing and re-tracing lines, the design becomes more clear and with it, the piece shows itself fully, claiming a life of its own.