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Living Room

Lucca Rechargeable LED Portable Lantern

Lucca is an elegant, portable, dimmable LED lamp designed and made in Denmark.  This light produces a warm and welcoming ambience and can fit any space and purpose.  Use it both as a classic lamp or as a substitute for candlelight – in the house, the garden, or the terrace - be it indoors, or out.  It can also be taken on the road and placed in a tent.  A thoughtfully designed hook is also built into the design to hang it from a loop or provide more options for use.  

The lamp’s outer shell, built out of satinised opal glass, diffuses the light into a soft and warming glow, and on the base, a discreet dimmer allows for three different settings to match lighting to mood. Powered by a battery, the lamp operates for 12 hours at the highest setting and is easily recharged with a USB cable, meaning that it can be carried around the home for some added ambience, or taken outdoors during warmer evenings.

Satinised opal glass, powder coated metal and brass.

Dimensions: W: 6.3”  H 11.2”

Micro USB Charging Cable

Dimmability: 3 levels (40% – 70% – 100%)

Note: Needs to be taken indoors if it raining to keep any exposure to moisture out.