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Writer Kit

Favorite Quote: "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart" - William Wordsworth

Kit includes:

Blackwing Starter kit:
Blackwing Pencil (soft) x1
Blackwing Pearl Pencil (balanced) x1
Blackwing 602 Pencil (firm) x1
Blackwing Natural Pencil (extra firm) x1
Gold point guard x1
Black point guard x1
Black long point sharpener x1
Black replacement erasers (set of 10) x1
White replacement erasers (set of 10) x1
Pencils are Japanese graphite, Incense-cedar from California

Dreyer's English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style
By Benjamin Dreyer, the Copy Chief at Random House. "We're all of us writers: We write term papers and office memos, letters to teachers and product reviews, appeals to politicians, journals, and blog entries. Some of us write books. All of us write emails. And we all want to write them better. Benjamin Dreyer is here to help.

Grids and Guides Journal
Not your average journal. Stylish, cloth hardcover, blank graph paper and infographics and other resources for the curious mind. 144pp

Still Working On My Novel key tag
Metal ring, plastic tag

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