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Is their favorite National Park the Hoh Rainforest? Do they carry a mushroom knife in their pocket for spontaneous foraging? Have you heard them proclaim Sasquatch is their spirt animal? Fundraising efforts to bring back the Sonics going well? If yes to any/all, then this is kit for them. 

Kit includes:

Ghosts of Seattle Past:
By Jaimee Garbacik and Josh Powell. This anthology gathers essays, interviews, photography, and comix to reconstruct community hubs lost to growth. Ghosts of Seattle Past provides an eyes-on-the-street view of a city in flux. Includes a map of places. 224pp

2 x 4 Landscape No. 674 - oil on wood from Rob Vetter 
No. 674, Chuckanut Drive, by local artist Rob Vetter. Unvarnished and measures 3-1/8” x 4” and is 1-3/8” thick. Signed, stamped and numbered on the reverse.

Gift wrapping included.