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KOBO Gift Kits + Sets

Contemplating the Stitch

Kit includes: 

Slow Stitch. A book by Claire Wellesley-Smith. "Discover a new simpler way to stitch beautiful textile art. Work by Claire Wellesley-Smith, alongside pieces by other international artists, demonstrates how a less-is-more approach can produce stunning textile art that is more personal and meaningful." Working with natural dyeing, repurposing and upcycling materials, traditional techniques and other methods/ideas to introduce to your work. "Practical projects such as stitch journals, mapping local walks in stitch and found objects, and working with others will inspire those looking to reconnect with their craft, local culture and heritage."

Persimmon Embroidery Floss. Cotton, Hand-Dyed with Persimmon Tannin, 20 meter skein, Made in Japan.

Thread Snips. Itokiri basami, or scissors to cut thread. Measurements: L4.25"  W1". Traditional Japanese spring scissor. Made in Japan.


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